Radical plan to cut sales of new electric cars from 2035 is being rolled out – report

Radical plan to cut sales of new electric cars from 2035 is being rolled out - report

A rogue US state dependent on oil for its economy has put forward a controversial plan to ban sales of new electric cars by 2035, but the proposal was blocked before it could get out of first gear.

As governments around the world plan to ban the sale of new gasoline and diesel cars in the coming decades, one US state is debating the opposite.

A resolution has been introduced to the Wyoming Legislature to end sales of new electric vehicles by 2035, according to the reputable news outlet Cowboy State Daily.

Less than a week after the idea circulated, however, the proposal was rolled early in the committee stage of the process.

The proposal, known as Senate Joint Resolution 4 (SJ 4) and titled Phase out new electric vehicle sales by 2035, was sponsored by Senator James Anderson and was designed to protect Wyoming’s oil and gas industry.

According to government figures, Wyoming ranks eighth in the United States for crude oil production and ninth nationally for natural gas production, with the sector contributing billions of dollars annually and employing more than 3 percent of the state’s population.

The proposal praised Wyoming’s “proud and esteemed industries”, called electric car charging infrastructure “unfeasible for the state” and criticized the use of batteries and their materials.

“The critical minerals used in electric batteries are not readily recyclable or disposable, meaning municipal landfills in Wyoming and elsewhere must develop practices to dispose of these minerals in a safe and responsible manner,” it said.

However, the language in the proposal ended by calling for an outright ban on electric car sales and is seen as a more symbolic gesture, instead “encouraging sales of new electric vehicles in the state of Wyoming and expressing a goal of phasing them out by 2035.”

If successful, there would have been no practical impact on new car dealerships selling or buying electric vehicles.

In September 2022, Ford said it aims to overtake Tesla in global electric car sales by 2026 – with the Blue Oval’s European arm announcing it will end production of petrol and diesel models in 2021 by the end of that decade.

In January 2021, General Motors also announced it would end production of gasoline and diesel vehicles by 2035, but excluded larger pickups from the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra lineups.

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