Power Rangers Deck-Building Game Reveals In Space Flying Higher Expansions

Renegade Game Studios’ popular Power Rangers Deck-Building Game continues to expand its lineup with new Power Rangers teams and villains, and the latest brings the favorite season of Power Rangers In Space to the game. The new expansion is called Flying Higher and allows you to play as In Space Rangers Andros, Ashley, Carlos, Cassie, TJ and Zhane, as you take on Astronema, Darkonda and Dark Spectre. If you pre-order directly from Renegade, you’ll also get a bonus pack of 11 double-sided foil character cards for free. You can pre-order the set hereand is expected to take place in December.

“Let’s Rocket! Zordon has been captured! Led by Astronema, the princess of evil, the forces of Dark Spector are dispersing to conquer the galaxy. Only Andros and his Space Rangers can keep the universe from being plunged into darkness . Jump on your Galaxy Glider and blast into action!”

(Photo: Renegade Game Studios)

This expansion requires a base set to play, which can be the original Power Rangers Deck-Building Game or the Zoo: Stronger Than Before standalone expansion. The series has also released an Omega Forever expansion and most recently an RPM: Get In Gear expansion, and now In Space is officially in the mix.

(Photo: Renegade Game Studios)

Right now, Mighty Morphin, RPM, Zeo, and In Space are all included in the game, and now the focus is on who else could join. I’m thinking big teams like SPD and Dino Charge, but personally I’d like to see three specific teams included in the series.

The first one won’t come as a surprise to those who know me, but now that In Space is in, Mystic Force would be a great fit and also some creativity in their maps and mechanics. HyperForce would also be a nice team to base an expansion on, and Renegade has already included them in Heroes of the Grid. Last but not least is Dino Fury, the newest season in the franchise, and they have yet to be included in a tabletop game, so it would be a nice milestone too.

What do you think of the new expansion? Let us know in the comments and as always you can talk to me about Power Rangers and Tabletop on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!

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