Power Rangers’ Blue Ranger actor David Yost reveals moving tribute to Jason David Frank

Power Rangers icon David Yost (aka Billy, the original Blue Ranger) has posted his official tribute to Jason David Frank, who passed away over the weekend at age 49. In his tribute, Yost says, “Like so many of us, I’m still struggling with everything. From the day we met, we became instant bffs. We had our ups and downs like friends do. He always has my heart and my had support. I love you friend!”

Included with the post was a collage of photos showing Jason David Frank and Yost together, from their early years starring in the original. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series, to do conventions like Wizard World together in later years. It’s another warm reminder of how many relatives, colleagues, friends and fans “Jason David Frank” leaves behind.

David Yost is only the latest of the Power Rangers alumni to post a public tribute to Jason David Frank. Original Red ranger Austin St. John kept his tribute short: “‘Once a ranger, always a ranger’ thoughts and prayers…”.

Original Black Ranger Walter Emmanuel Jones was also short: “[C]I can’t believe it… My heart is saddened to have lost another member of our special family.”

Pink Ranger Amy Jo Johnson said, “Jase, you were beautiful and really unique,” Johnson began. “My life just won’t be the same without your frenetic, hilarious, caring, driven and creative ball of energy. I will always love you dear friend. Please rest in peace now.”

(Photo: Toei/Saban)

Other actors of the Power Rangers franchise have similarly reached out and shown the fandom how much Jason David Frank meant to them. But this last one is indeed special. David Yost’s time as a Power Ranger was marred by harassed on set due to his LGBTQ+ status. He claimed that producers and crew made conditions so bad for him that he considered injuring himself – a major factor contributing to his eventual exit from the franchise.

However, in the decades since the 1990s (and all the obvious social changes), David Yost has returned to the Power Rangers franchise and has been participating in conventions since 2015; has done shows like Amy Jo Johnson’s webcast or the short film The Order with other former Power Rangers, and he’ll even appear in the landmark Power Rangers 30th Anniversary Special in 2023.

RIP to Jason David Frank.

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