Postponed 9 months the day before for bizarre reasons

The day before has been delayed for almost an entire year, just weeks before its release. For those who haven’t followed yet, The day before is a great online survival game that looks like a much more nuanced and intuitive version of The division meets The last of us. It’s incredibly ambitious and the visuals they’ve put out look great, making the game one of the most-wanted games on Steam at one point. The hype is real, but fans are also incredibly skeptical. You see, this is a team that is very small and doesn’t really have the track record to support a game as big and ambitious as what they’re pitching. PC players, in particular, are way too familiar with this kind of story and have gotten used to just waiting to see what happens. However, they may have to wait a while.

The day before was originally slated to release in June 2022, but was pushed back to March 1, 2023. Developer Fntastic planned to release a lengthy gameplay demo of The day before in the near future, but that has been postponed. The developer took to Twitter to announce that it’s once again experiencing a somewhat last-minute delay until November 10, 2023, and the reason is bizarre. According to Fntastic, The day before has been removed from Steam because someone else owns the trademark The day before name and asked Steam to remove it. The developer is now working on a fix for the issue, but will be too busy to do the aforementioned gameplay demo. They also provided one link to the trademark application.

Of course, fans have become even more suspicious after this news. How this was only discovered a little over a month before release and right before the promised gameplay demo is incredibly strange. While the team could probably just change the name, it’s built up a lot of hype over the last two years and the name is well known to PC gamers, so a name change could lead to a marketing headache. Anyway, we’ll just have to see how this plays out.

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