Porta falls on top of ‘Big Brother Portugal’ contestant; video goes viral

Mafalda Diamond cried out in pain and asked for help from incarceration colleagues; production of the program said she is fine and is taking steps to “ensure her sister’s well-being”

Mafalda Diamond was hit by a door in ‘Big Brother Portugal’

Mafalda Diamond, a participant in the “Big brother Portugal”, was hit in the head by a door opening from the wardrobe of one of the rooms of the reality show this Saturday 19. The moment she was hit was captured by the cameras of the program, as well as her distress call. In the images, it is possible to see the contestant enter one of the rooms of the house and, in sequence, the door falls on her. Mafalda is thrown to the ground, screams in pain and asks for help. She was saved from confinement by colleagues. The family of the ‘Big Brother’ contestant spoke out on social media. They let it be known that they are already in contact with the production of the program: “Every effort is made to ensure and guarantee the well-being and health of Mafalda. We thank everyone for their concern.” The production of the program stated that the sister is well and that she will inform the public of any news: “We are following the usual procedures in this type of situation to ensure the well-being of the participant. We will communicate an update as soon as possible.”

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