Porsche recalls search for four electric cars due to suspension damage

Porsche recalls search for four electric cars due to suspension damage

Porsche Cars Australia is on the hunt for four Taycan electric cars with a faulty front suspension that could result in a loss of control.

The fifth Porsche recall in Australia in less than a year has put the German sports car maker’s pioneering electric car, the Taycan, back in the safety limelight.

This time it’s about a safety recall due to a serious failure in the front suspension that affects the car’s stability and makes it uncontrollable.

There were four Porsche recalls in Australia last year, two for the Taycan and one each for the Cayenne and 911 sports car.

Porsche Cars Australia tells drive The four cars involved in the recent recall are the Taycan 4S model, which is currently available starting at $197,200 before road costs.

Although minimizing the risk of a recall is against ACCC guidelines, a Porsche spokesman said drive: “We haven’t had any instances of suspension failures in Australia and there are very few failures overall so we don’t expect any failure here.”

the recall notificationdeposited with the Ministry of Infrastructure, it says: “The air spring strut on the left and right of the front axle may not correspond to the manufacturer specifications.

“This could result in the front strut detaching and air escaping from the air spring, resulting in a loss of vehicle control.

“Loss of vehicle control could increase the risk of an accident involving injury or death to vehicle occupants and/or other road users.”

Recall notification date January 10, 2023
Do Porsche
model Taycan (Y1A/Y1B)
Year 2021-2022
vehicles affected 4
VIN LIST Click here to download the list of affected vehicles
contact link Click here contact the vehicle manufacturer

A complete list of vehicle identification numbers for the four vehicles involved in the recall can be found here.

Porsche will contact the owners to organize an inspection and repair.

Owners can contact Porsche Cars Australia via click hereor contact the car manufacturer’s customer service center on 1800 1036911.

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