Popular classic PlayStation Plus game gets much-requested new feature

A popular classic title that is part of the Premium tier of Sony’s PlayStation Plus subscription service has received a new update that fans definitely didn’t expect. When Sony started games of yesteryear on PS Plus in 2022, some of these titles ended up being released with new trophies for players to unlock. And while one of the most notable classics launched in 2022 ended up not getting trophy support, that’s now fixed.

Starting this week the PS Plus game Super Stardust wearable has quietly received a new update that brings trophies to the title. In total, Super Stardust Portable has 17 trophies, 10 of which are gold, 4 silver, 2 bronze, and the final is the platinum trophy of the game. If you are not familiar with Super Stardust wearableit happens to be the PSP version of Super Stardust HDwhich first came to the PS3 back in 2007.

What makes this situation unique is that this is the first time a game available through PS Plus has been retroactively updated to include trophies. Currently, there are a large number of games available on PlayStation Plus that do not have trophies, as they were originally released before Sony started demanding them. As such, most PS Plus subscribers have assumed trophy support will never be added, especially since that would require the developers to go back and add them. As we have now seen with Super Stardust wearable, however, it is quite possible that several games will receive trophies after appearing on PS Plus. Hopefully, for those titles still missing trophies, we’ll see more updates like this over time.

Are you happy to see that some older games on PS Plus are still receiving new trophies retroactively? And is this extra support for Super Stardust wearable are you going to ask to revisit the game now or play it for the first time? Let me know in the comments or message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

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