Popeye Announces First Manga With Special First Look (Exclusive)

You’d think the world would know all about Popeye the Sailor Man, but that’s no less true. Soon, publisher King Features Syndicate plans to prove that truth to fans with a special comic. After all, Eye Lie Popeye plans to bring the infamous sailor into the world of manga, and its thrilling story will pay homage to some of Shonen’s best series.

A recent announcement by King Features Syndicate confirms that Eye Lie Popeye plans to combine manga-inspired artwork with the cartoon character’s signature style. Created by Marcus Williams, this ambitious new series intends to show readers how Popeye lost his eye all those years ago. And as you can see below, ComicBook got an exclusive look at the first two pages of the comic!

“As a huge fan of both Popeye and manga, I look forward to combining both passions and bringing fans an entirely new format and style to experience the adventures of the iconic character. I’m thrilled that my Popeye Goku art led me here and I’m excited to take the traditional shonen style with a modern twist and uncover the mystery behind Popeye’s missing eye,” Williams said.

(Photo: Marcus Williams/King Features Syndicate)
(Photo: Marcus Williams/King Features Syndicate)

What you need to know

Eye Lie Popeye marks the character’s first manga-inspired run, and it’s fitting to see the sailor try out the medium for size. After all, this comic was inspired by a viral social media trend involving Popeye and Goku. It all started ages ago when a fan fiction of the two hit the internet, and Williams was the one who brought that story to life. Now the artist has been tapped for a full-fledged comic under King Features Syndicate.

“We explored the idea of ​​a manga-inspired style for Popeye, and once we heard about Marcus’ manga-esque Popeye fan art that quickly became a fan favorite on the internet, we knew he was the right person to take this on. Popeye has been a staple of the funny pages for over 90 years, and it’s incredible to continue to share new facets of his lore and connect with fans in different ways,” said Tea Fougner, the editor-in-chief of comics from the publisher.

Currently, Eye Lie Popeye plans to unfold in arcs on the web. The first arc will go live here over five weeks, and each page will be available to view for 24 hours. So if you want to know if Goku makes his way into this collaboration, you’ll want to check it out ASAP.

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