Police Madness actor returns to acting after father’s death

Steve Guttenbergknown for playing Sergeant Carey Mahoney Madness of the police and Michael Kellam in it Three men and a babyreturned to acting after caring for his ailing father for a few years.

In an interview for the magazine PeopleGuttenberg reported on caring for his father for five years until he passed away from kidney failure last year.

“He was an extraordinary man. And we all take that very seriously. He really was the center of attention. He really was the guy you didn’t want to let you down,” said Guttenberg.

The actor also said that his father wanted him to return to acting after he left. He will appear in the television movie How to kill your husband.

“He really wanted me to go back to work. And I wanted to get back to work.”

Guttenberg was unable to leave the house due to his father’s daily dialysis sessions. The actor then shared, “I got on a plane for my dad’s birthday to go to Vancouver to shoot that movie, so I have to feel like he had a hand in it.”

He continued, “I was very lucky because I was the second lead, so I managed to get my skills back and started remembering what it’s like to act in a movie.”

What does Steve Guttenberg want in his new career phase?

Steve Guttenberg as Sergeant Carey Mahoney in Police Academy (Reproduction)

Still in the interview, Steve Guttenberg said that he would love to star in an action comedy.

He also confessed that he would love to work with Dwayne Johnson. “[The Rock] he is a very good guy. He loves what he has and has not forgotten where he came from.”

In addition, Steve talked about the book he recently released, Time to thinkespecially for carers. He explained that the book was about his father’s memories when he was young and all the things he did for him as a child.

“My dad picked me up when I was little and held me. And when my father got sick, I picked him up and held him. My dad helped me put on my pajamas when I was little. And when I got older, I helped my dad put on his pajamas.”

He continued, “So I wrote this book, and it’s for healthcare providers. You know, in this country there are 35 million who take care of their parents. They are an unknown group because they are never together.”

“You are always apart. There are blogs to connect to, but that’s about it. So if you’re a caregiver, it’s very lonely. So I wrote a book for all caregivers in this country. I think this is going to be powerful.”

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