Poliana Rocha explains why she forgave Leonardo’s betrayal

Sertanejo’s wife, who is the mother of singer Zé Felipe, also denied that she is pregnant and that she wants another child

Play/Instagram/polianaLeonardo and Poliana Rocha have been married for 26 years

The journalist Poliana Rochewho is married to the singer Leonardo, talked about their relationship when opening a question box on Instagram. A follower wanted to know how she managed to forgive the treachery of the sertanejo and she bluntly replied: “Life is made of choices!!!! And I chose to fight and keep my family.” Poliana also clarified that she had not been married before and emphasized that Leonardo is and will remain her only husband as long as she and God will. They have been together for 26 years now. Another follower asked the journalist to post a phrase she likes, Poliana then published: “There is no unconditional love in the affectionate relationship. Whoever seeks unconditional love seeks father and mother. Relationship is exchange”. A fan wanted to know if it is true that she is pregnant, Leonardo’s wife, who is already a grandmother, denied it and said she does not want another child. Poliana is the singer’s mother Ze Felipe, 24 years old. However, the artist is not Leonardo’s youngest son. Whoever takes this position is the singer Joe Guilherme20 years old, the result of the relationship the singer had with Naira Ávilla.

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