Polestar Service Australia: Locations, Costs and Over the Air Updates

Polestar Service Australia: Locations, Costs and Over the Air Updates

Polestar’s Australian service network is expanding almost monthly. Here’s what you need to know about service center locations, service intervals, and over-the-air updates.

Being a newbie can have its perks.

In the case of electric car maker Polestar, one of those advantages is that it’s not constrained by a traditional dealership model — but even that has its limitations.

Only landed in early 2022, pole stars Network of delivery locations and service centers is a work in progress.

After almost a year of the brand’s Australian journey, what can the owners expect from their fledgling after-sales network?

Here’s what you need to know.

Where are Polestar service locations in Australia?

Polestar currently shares its service network with its sister brand, Volvowhereby customers can drop off their car for a service at selected Volvo dealerships.

“Polestar service centers will be set up across Australia, with nine locations currently available to customers,” said a spokesman for Polestar Australia Journey.

“During this phase, Polestar will continue to offer its customers a ‘hybrid’ service solution, where the vehicle will be picked up if a service point is not conveniently located.”

Some of Polestar’s designated test drive and handover centers are also able to assist customers with minor repairs and pick-up or drop-off for service.

If required, service rental vehicles can also be made available.

Here it is current list of Polestar Service Centers in Australia:

  • Volvo Cars Sutherland, NSW
  • Volvo Cars Newcastle, NSW
  • Volvo Cars Brisbane North, QLD
  • Volvo Cars Cairns, QLD
  • Volvo Cars Perth, WA
  • Volvo Cars Cannington, WA
  • Volvo Cars Adelaide, SA
  • Volvo Cars Hobart, TAS
  • Volvo Cars Waverley, VIC

How much does a Polestar service cost? What are Polestar’s service intervals?

service for the North Star 2 is free for the first five years or 100,000 km, with service intervals for Polestar 2 set to every two years or 30,000 km.

After this five year/100,000 km period, the next service visit will cost approximately $300, although subsequent visit prices may vary based on individual needs.

According to Polestar, these genuine service visits include “safety and equipment checks, including labor, parts, software and cleaning.”

How do Polestar over-the-air updates work?

Between visits to physical service locations, Polestar owners can update various elements of their car’s software and operating system via over-the-air updates.

Previous OTA (over-the-air) updates included the introduction of Apple CarPlay, an improvement in the accuracy of charge level estimates in Google Maps, improved surround sound for the Harman Kardon audio system, and a number of bug fixes.

Over-the-air updates happen roughly every six months, and owners are notified of an update through a notification that pops up on the central screen.

You have the option to dismiss the notification and delay the installation, or you can choose to install immediately.

How long do over-the-air updates take? Can they be paused?

Each over-the-air update takes approximately 90 minutes, and your car must be stationary and locked for the update to start.

It is possible to pause the update by unlocking the doors if you need to use the car unexpectedly.

“A Polestar will automatically display a notification when the latest over-the-air update is available, allowing the driver to choose a convenient time to download and install. We recommend updating the software when the car is connected and charging overnight,” said a Polestar spokesman.

“Even if you’re out of range while downloading, you can connect to an external Wi-Fi network or to your phone to install the update.”

Is Polestar roadside assistance free?

Yes, all Polestar models come with free 24/7 roadside assistance for five years.

This roadside assistance can be accessed either via the connect button on the vehicle’s roof, the Polestar app or by calling 1300 836 403.

The free roadside assistance offer includes things like towing to the nearest service point (if necessary), an overnight stay in a hotel if repairs take longer than expected, or alternative transportation.

What is Polestar’s battery guarantee in Australia?

The lithium-ion battery in your Polestar vehicle is guaranteed for eight years and 160,000 km.

This guarantee guarantees that your car’s battery will retain at least 70 percent of its original capacity for the first eight years of ownership.

If the battery falls below this capacity level during this period, Polestar will replace it free of charge.

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