Pokemon Ultimate Journeys will drop new Netflix episodes soon

This year has been a busy one for Pokemon, and it looks like it’s only going to get more exciting for the franchise. With the Paldea region on everyone’s mind, netizens keep up with Generation 9 as they follow Ash Ketchum’s every move. After all, The Pokemon Company announced that the character is leaving the anime after more than 20 years, and a miniseries has gone live in Japan to say goodbye to Ash. And now fans in the United States have learned that a new batch of Pokemon Ultimate Journeys episodes is coming soon!

The update comes from Netflix itself, so we can thank the streaming service for the good news. The big announcement lets fans know that more episodes of Pokemon Ultimate Journeys: The Series will be released on February 24. So if you keep up with the English dubbing of the anime, you need to mark this day in your calendar!

Naturally, fans are eager to see this new installment since Pokemon Journeys in the United States has yet to end. After all, the dub still works through Ash and Goh’s adventures. In Japan, the series concluded a few weeks ago after Ash was crowned the winner of the Pokemon World Championships. Now the trainer is on a victory tour, and the latest run of the anime marks Ash’s final role. Fans, of course, hope that the star will appear in the next series of Pokemon, but his dream of becoming a Pokemon Master is ready to come true. And once he crosses the finish line, a new trainer comes along with a goal of his own.

After all, The Pokemon Company has confirmed that the anime is preparing for a new protagonist. Ash is currently riding his last laps on screen and he will be replaced by two new trainers in the next Pokemon anime. But first, Netflix needs to catch up with fans on the anime stateside with its next episode bombshell.

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