Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Seven-Star Charizard Raid is live

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet first 7-Star raid is officially live. Players will be able to challenge a special 7-Star Tera Raid featuring a Dragon Tera-type Charizard between now and December 4. This Charizard has a special Mightiest Mark and marks the first time Charizard (a Pokemon not normally available in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet) will be available in the games. The Charizard is at level 100 and has Dragon Pulse, Fire Blast, Hurricane, and Focus Blast moves. It can also use the Overheat, Tera Blast, Sunny Day, and Inferno moves.

There are two obvious choices to use in the 7-Star Charizard attack: Azumarill and Dachsbun. As Fairy-type Pokemon, both are immune to Charizard’s Dragon-type attacks. Additionally, Dachsbun’s standard “Well Baked Body” makes it immune to Fire-type attacks, while Azumarill can be protected by its Thick Fat ability, which halves the amount of damage it takes from Fire-type moves.

While players can battle the 7-Star Charizard multiple times, they can only capture it once. Additionally, Charizard is Shiny Locked, meaning players don’t have to worry about finding a Shiny Charizard while doing raids.

To access 7-Star Raids in their own games, players must also have unlocked 6-Star raids. They can do this by completing the Academy Ace Tournament after beating the game’s main storyline. If you haven’t unlocked any 6-star raids, players will have a second chance to get Charizard – the event will return from December 15-18. In addition, players can still participate in 7-Star raids through the online feature, even if they have not unlocked the 7-Star raids in their own game.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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