Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s first free mystery gift now available

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet released on Nintendo Switch last week, and players around the world will find plenty of new Pokemon to catch. In addition to a ton of new designs, the ninth generation of Pokemon has introduced Tera Types. As part of a promotion, players can now get a special Pikachu with a Flying Tera Type. The Mystery Gift will be available through February 28, 2023, so players will have some time to redeem it. However, for those who still want to get Pikachu in the game, there’s no better time than the present!

For those unfamiliar with how Mystery Gifts work Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, it’s actually pretty easy! From the main menu, players must select “Poke Portal” and then “Mystery Gift” on the next screen. Selecting “Obtain from the Internet” prompts the game to search for Mystery Gifts and displays the “Flying Tera Type Pikachu Gift” option. After choosing the gift, Pikachu will be sent to the player and will appear in one of their Pokemon boxes. The whole process is incredibly easy, even for those who have never done it in previous games!

The Flying Tera-type Pikachu design is meant to pay homage to a famous promo card released in 1997 in the Pokemon TCG. Pokemon Yellowwould also see Pikachu flying through balloons, and then again in 1999 pokemon snap. In the decades since, there have been several other cards and appearances for Flying Pikachu. Most notably, the design made it to the Nintendo Switch Pokemon: Let’s go, Pikachu!, where Pikachu was able to use the Sky Dash Secret Technique. The Pokemon Company has made Flying Pikachu an ongoing part of the franchise over the years, and this new Tera Type is just the latest in that tradition.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is available now, exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Readers can check out all of our previous coverage of the game here.

Have you already claimed your free Mystery Gift? What do you think of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet so far? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter and on Hive at @Marcdachamp to talk about all things gaming!

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