Pokemon Scarlet and Violet vaccinate their Pokemon

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet lacks a long-standing part of the game, which can make training a competitive team a bit more difficult. Players in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have noticed that the game lacks the Pokerus virus, a beneficial “virus” that spreads from Pokemon to Pokemon, giving them twice the EVs from battling wild Pokemon. Players often used Pokerus to build a competitive team quickly, as it reduced the amount of grind a player needed to ensure their Pokemon had the ideal EVs (which improve a Pokemon’s base stats) in competitive play.

Longtime Pokemon dataminer Mattyoukahuna took notice on Twitter Pokemon Scarlet and Violet didn’t even code Pokerus into the game. Not only does the Pokemon virus not exist in wild Pokemon, the game doesn’t even support existing Pokemon (which can eventually be transferred to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet through Pokémon Home) who are already infected with the disease. Matt forcibly gave a Pokerus and found that it brought no benefits Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

It’s unclear why Pokerus was cut off Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The virus is definitely a legacy feature as it goes all the way back to pokemon gold and silver. Perhaps developers felt that Pokerus was redundant content now that it is much easier to create a competitive team within the game. Or maybe Game Freak decided that including a beneficial virus tasted bad as the world was hit hard by a pandemic with no end in sight. Anyway, Pokerus seems to be a thing of the past.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are now available on Nintendo Switch. You can follow our full coverage here.

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