Pokemon Scarlet and Violet finally confirm that Pokemon kill people

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet confirms an obvious fact of the Pokemon universe that the games have been floating around for nearly a quarter of a century. The Pokemon world is inherently dangerous, filled with animals that can spontaneously produce flame, lightning, and stone, and somehow fuse energy into rays and other shootable forms. It’s a world where ghosts suck the life-forces of the living, where sentient PokeBalls explode out of spite, and where even adorable creatures are capable of wrecking tanks like confetti paper. But it wasn’t until Pokemon Scarlet and Violet that we finally get confirmation that people are indeed dying at the hands of Pokemon.

This confirmation comes in the form of the Scarlet Book, a notebook containing details of the exploration of Area Zero Pokemon Scarlet. The book provides a description of the monster known as Great Tusks, describing how the massive creature apparently attacked an exploration team in the Great Crater of Paldea and “mortally wounded” one of the explorers. That’s right, we have documentation that a Pokemon (which looks an awful lot like Donphan) bumped or trampled a person to death. It’s a grim fate for an individual, but one that, frankly, is probably common in the Pokemon universe.

Considering that there are typically several fatalities in national parks each year, with people being run over by bears or gored by wild buffaloes, it stands to reason that wild Pokemon have no qualms about killing some snot-nosed kid who clumsily trying to catch them using a literal sentient balloon with the ability to sing them to sleep. Right, inside Pokemon Legends: Arceus, we even saw a more accurate look at how wild Pokemon behave around humans, with even chill Pokemon like Snorlax attempting to crush a person to death when they get too close. Considering that just about every region of the Pokemon world seems rather underpopulated in the games, it seems possible that humanity has been pushed to the brink of extinction due to Pokemon killing people all the time.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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