Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Changing Nature

Pokemon Scarlet and purple continues the tradition of gifting certain “Natures” to Pokemon, but how do you change a Pokemon’s nature in these games? Unsurprisingly, the answer once again lies in “Mints”, the rare resource found in Pokemon games that turns a nature into whatever Trainers decide it should be. However, knowing how to change them is only half the puzzle. Before you start changing Natures, you first need to know where to find Mints.

Fortunately, that’s not too difficult Pokemon Scarlet and purple. Continue on to learn all about Natures and Mints in this game, but be warned there may be minor scouting and gym battle spoilers.

The nature in these games is the same as before. Each Pokemon you catch has a certain nature, and that nature (unless it’s “serious”) causes one stat to grow faster than the other. The downside to Natures is that another stat has to grow more slowly, so you trade one stat for another by essentially giving a Pokemon a Nature of your choice.

Old players will know all this well by now and will probably already know the Natures by heart, but for newcomers it can be a difficult concept to break into. Happy, Scarlet and purple have made it clear what nature is doing with arrows on the Pokemon’s stats page showing what’s increasing and decreasing, while Mints clearly indicate what they’re about to do.

How do you find mints in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

If you’re looking for Mints early, keep an eye on the ground. They are rarely found in the wild as a possible drop for the glittering objects lying on the ground. Unfortunately, that’s not really a reliable way to find what you’re looking for. However, what is reliable is to buy these Mints in a store.

However, you can’t do that right away – you have to beat several gyms first. Just continue on the traditional Pokemon path of the game, where you compete against Gym Leaders until you’ve beaten six gyms. At that time, you can find Mints for sale in the Chansey Supply stores in the major cities of Paldea.

Some players have reported that you have to beat the Ghost Gym Leader, Ryme, before the Mints become available, but in our experience that’s not entirely true. Six gym badges are all it takes, but it just so happens that if you follow the recommended order to take on the gyms, the Ghost gym will be the sixth you capture.

There are other solutions to alter wildlife where you have to catch multiple species of the same species and hope to get lucky or breed to get favorable wildlife but if you have the money to spare and are far enough in the game , mints are the best choice. easiest options.

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