Pokemon Scarlet and Violet break impressive franchise record

Pokemon Scarlet and purple have broken a staggering record for the Pokemon series. Since it first debuted in 1996, Pokemon has been a top-selling video game franchise across a variety of Nintendo platforms. And while it seems likely that Pokemon would have peaked years ago, it sounds like instead Scarlet and purple have only reached new heights the series has never seen before.

According to Takahito Utsunomiya, the CEO of The Pokemon Company, pre-orders for Pokemon Scarlet and purple were the highest in the history of the series. While raw sales data for Scarlet and purple are yet to come, meaning the latest Pokemon entries could end up having the best launch ever for Game Freak and The Pokemon Company. Considering how long Pokemon have been around, this is a very impressive feat and shows that the power of the IP doesn’t lose stamina.

In case you are wondering how Pokemon Scarlet and purple have broken pre-order records for the series, the big reason probably lies with the Nintendo Switch. Currently, the Switch has an installation file of over 100 million people. As such, there’s just a higher number of users for Nintendo and The Pokemon Company to sell copies of the game to compared to previous titles.

Perhaps the only downside Pokemon Scarlet and purple doing so well out of the gate in this way is that the games have some notable performance issues on Switch. While these issues can be resolved in the long run, it’s still one of the rougher states we’ve ever seen new Pokemon titles arrive in. But if you can get around these problems, Scarlet and purple make for some of the best Pokemon games we’ve ever seen. You can read more about our thoughts on the games as a whole in our official review here.

Have you been playing Pokemon Scarlet and purple for yourself this weekend? And if so, how are you enjoying the latest entries in the Pokemon series? Let me know in the comments or give me a call on Twitter @MooreMan12.

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