Pokemon keeps tradition with new Pikachu and Misty Reunion

With Ash Ketchum and Pikachu looking to leave their roles as main stars of the Pokemon anime, the current iteration of the series, Pokemon: try to become a pokemon master, gives the dynamic duo one more chance to shine before making their curtain call. Recently, one of Ash’s original allies, Misty, had her return to wish the two a fond farewell, and an adorable tradition has once again continued in the anime adaptation as the water-type trainer once again reunited with Ketchum’s electric rodent.

Misty’s return was not only important in finally reuniting Ash with one of his original traveling companions, as the first two decades leading up to Ketchum’s original decision to venture out in an attempt to become a Pokemon Master was also important in that it water-type trainer was able to give Ash his first loss after his win in the Masters 8 Tournament. Despite being the current World Champion, it seems that Ash still has some learning to make all of his Pocket Monsters as strong as possible, as Misty was able to defeat his Corphish. Of course, Ash remains the World Champion regardless, although it certainly gives him something to think about for the future of his career.

Pokemon tradition

Twitter Outlet Anipoke Fandom put together the adorable tradition where Misty would welcome Pikachu back into her life with a hug, which we may not see again for a long time, if ever, once Ash and his partner are no longer in the driver’s seat for the television series:

With Ash leaving the anime adaptation as the star of the show, two new trainers are taking over the reins of the series in Liko and Roy. While there are still many mysteries surrounding the upcoming protagonists, a fan theory has been circulating the internet that the female trainer, Liko, may be related to Ketchum, as she wears a hair clip that closely resembles the design that Ash previously wore on his cap.

Which trainers would you like to see Ash and Pikachu say hello to before they leave the series? What role do you think the Pokemon duo will play in the new series? Feel free to let us know in the comments or call me directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk about all things comics, anime and the world of Pokemon

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