Pokemon Go players disappointed by lack of shiny Darumaka in latest event

pokemon goThe Lunar New Year event took place over the past few days, putting the spotlight on the Pokemon Darumaka. Last week, when Niantic announced the event, the developer revealed that players would have a higher chance of finding a Shiny Darumaka. Unfortunately, the spawn rates for the Pokemon have been terrible, making it incredibly hard to find. The result was that many players were left empty-handed and a bit disappointed. The whole thing is pretty baffling and left a bad taste in players’ mouths over the weekend.

While Shiny Pokemon don’t offer any advantage over normal-colored ones, their rarity has always made them attractive to players, especially when they have a very different color pattern. A lot of pokemon go events have made Shiny Pokemon easier to find than the main series games, although that hasn’t seemed to be the case in recent days. It’s too late for this event, but hopefully Niantic will hear fan frustrations and straighten things out the next time the developer releases a Shiny “more general!”

Keep reading to find out what pokemon go players say about Shiny Darumaka!

Fans are a little disappointed.

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I didn’t think Darumaka counted as a Mythical Pokemon.

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Even normal Darumaka were scarce.

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The whole event was kind of a bust.

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Better luck next time!


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