Pokemon brings back Ash’s classic Pokemon team in emotional scene: Watch

Pokemon Travel Ash Ketchum’s 25-year journey through the anime series ended by letting him win the world championship, and to help celebrate the latest installment of the series, Ash’s classic Pokemon team brought back in quite an emotional scene to help Pikachu when the really needed! Ash has spent his time in the latest version of the anime working his way up the ranks of the World Coronation Series, and he’s finally reached his peak now that he’s in the grand finale against undefeated champion Leon and his Charizard.

With the final moments of this match bringing it all to a final battle between Ash and his Pikachu and Leon and his Charizard, Pikachu was pushed further than ever before. It almost faints from how much it has struggled through the battle thus far, and when Pikachu turns black for a moment, it springs back into action when motivated by not just Ash’s classic Kanto Pokemon team, but every single Pokemon Ash has had through the captured over the years. Check it out as spotted by @AnipokeFandom on Twitter:

Why are Ash’s old Pokemon returning to the anime?

Episode 132 of Pokemon Travel sees Ash and Pikachu face off against Leon’s last two Pokemon, Cinderace and Charizard in the grand finale of the Masters Tournament in the World Coronation Series. Pikachu had a lot of weight in this battle as it had come up against a few of Leon’s Pokemon so far, even having a brief Gigantamax battle to take out Cinderace. By the time it faced full Charizard, both Ash and Pikachu were completely exhausted.

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After taking Charizard’s Fire Blast, Pikachu nearly faints. But soon it’s visited by the returning Kanto team Ash once had, and not only do they help Pikachu get back into battle, but every Pokemon Ash caught during his 25-year journey all appear and help Pikachu himself. motivate them to complete the battle. fight. Fortunately, it also wins the battle after this latest boost from old friends.

How did you like seeing Ash’s old Pokemon return to the anime to help Pikachu at this pivotal moment? Let us know all your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even contact me directly about anything related to animations and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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