Picard Season 3 Showrunner Hints Some Next-Gen Crew Members May Not Survive

The Star Trek: The Next Generation cast will reunite for Star Trek: Picard‘s third and final season, but it’s possible that not all of their characters will survive the experience. While the TNG cast has teased multiple times that there may be more Star Trek adventures in the future, showrunner Terry Matalas can’t guarantee the former’s safety. Company-D senior crew. Matalas confirmed this in a new interview with SFX magazinewhere he sees the future of the Star Trek: The Next Generation crew postalStar Trek: Picard‘s final. In the interview, he does note that if a character drops into the season, Star Trek’s sci-fi setting means you never know when they might come back.

“They certainly had a great time and they would definitely all like to do this again,” says Matalas of the return Next generation form. “I think there are ways to see these characters back, in a Next, Next Generation kind of story. Not all of these characters – I’m not going to say they all necessarily make it out of season three safely. But I’ll do that in sci-fi, there are always ways to see people again. So of course, who wouldn’t want to do this forever?”

But for Matalas, Picard‘s final season is about seeing that Next generation characters pass the torch to their successors. May or may not The next generation The crew’s story continues after that, according to him, is really up to the Star Trek fans.

“This season is mainly about passing the torch to the next generation,” says Matalas Star Trek: Picard‘s last season. “So it will really be up to the fans to decide if they want to see more. Star Trek has always been up to the fans. The fans brought back the characters from the original series into feature films and conventions and kept it alive, it will have to be the same here. So we’ll see.” You heard the man. If someone messes this up, there will be words.”

This all comes out just before the finale Star Trek: Picard The season 3 trailer, which debuts during halftime of Sunday’s NFL AFC championship game on CBS. Star Trek: Picard Season 3 will debut then Paramount+ on February 16. Star Trek: Picard‘s first two seasons, as well as all seven seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generationstreaming now on Paramount+.

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