Photo of Greg’s interpreter in ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ shocks Brazilians; To look

Actor Vincent Martella joined in the fun, declaring, “Hello, Brazil, look how hot I am”

Play/record TVVincent Martella played Greg in ‘Everybody Hates Chris’

A current photo of the actor Vincent Martelknown for playing the character Greg successfully”Everyone hates Chris”, went viral among Brazilians on social networks. In the image, the artist, who is currently 30 years old, appears only in shorts and with a can of beer in his hand. “Practically a Brazilian,” joked one follower. “It doesn’t even take a barbecue,” noted another. “More Brazilian than me! You fool us all the time,” added another. In addition to the many reactions to the Instagram message, Vincent’s photo, which was posted in March of this year, also went viral on Twitter. Understanding what was going on, the actor himself joined in on the fun, making a post last Friday the 18th saying, “Hello, Brazil, look how hot I am”. Afterwards, Vincent added: “I love Brazil! Thank you to everyone who follows me”. “Everybody Hates Chris” is a four-season comedy series. It debuted in 2005 in the United States and became popular in Brazil when it was shown by Record TV🇧🇷 The production was led by Tyler JamesWilliams, who already complained in an interview about the comments of Brazilians on his posts on social networks. See Vincent currently:

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