Phelipe Siani and Mari Palma separate after five months of marriage: “The greatest act of love is knowing how to let the other go”

Journalists took to social media to announce the split; according to the statement, they have not been together for a while

Play/Instagram/@maripalma and @phelipe.sianiPhelipe Siani and Mari Palma were together for six years

the journalists Phillip Siani It is Mary Palma, used social networks to announce the end of the relationship after five months of marriage and six years together. “We grew up a lot and had the happiest day of our lives: our wedding. That’s when we made a commitment to always be good to each other and that’s what we’re looking for now more than ever. Our beautiful story continues, but in a different way,” they wrote in a joint publication, adding that the “greatest act of love right now is knowing how to let the other go. But not too far. Because the story continues as good friends and professional partners.” According to them, the relationship had ended some time ago, but they would not reveal it, but with the series of “intrusive, abusive and sexist messages” they have received in recent times, they decided to denounce the decision. Mari Palme and Phelipe Siani started dating in 2017 when they worked at TV Globo and got married in August last year.

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