Paulo André faces criticism after calling Camarote do ‘BBB 23’ ‘caramelized popcorn’: ‘No one knew you’

Athlete commented on conversation with Laís Caldas and Jade Picon on ‘BBB 22’

Play/Twitter/@iampauloandrePaulo André participated in the ‘BBB 22’

the athlete Paulo Andre sparked controversy on social media after voicing an opinion on the casting choice for the Camarote section of “Big Brother Brazil 2023”. On Twitter, the former BBB referred to a moment of the 22nd edition, when he was talking to Laís Caldas and Jade Picon, he claimed to have entered the reality show as a “caramelized popcorn”. “cute took the caramelized popcorn thing seriously, right?” he joked. Some users didn’t like the ex-brother joke. “It happens, there’s famous ‘popcorn’, like Marília, and there’s ‘cabin’ that no one knows until they come in, like you,” said one profile. “Boy, don’t be fooled, no one knew you either,” another commented. When PA joined ‘BBB 22’ it had 84,000 followers. The runner finished reality in third place and today, with almost 9 million and 500 thousand followers, he acts as a model.

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