Patricia Poeta surprises reporter by making live commentary: ‘It wasn’t agreed’

Ana Thais Matos took part in the ‘Meeting’ to comment on the news of the last round of the Brasileirão

Reproduction / GlobeAna Thais Matos was surprised by Patricia Poeta’s commentary on ‘Meeting’

the presenter Patricia Poet made a live commentary on this Monday’s “Meeting”, for which the reporter Ana Thai Matos by surprise. Hosting the sports journalist on the program to talk about the final round of the Brasileirão, Patricia said: “Always a pleasure to welcome you. He works a lot, especially on weekends.” Ana Thais took advantage of the hook, stating: “Hello, bosses! Look, even Patricia noticed that. It was not agreed”. The presenter giggled and then changed the subject: “I want to see you shine at the World Cup, it’s getting closer, we’re counting down”. Patricia took over the “Encontro” after the departure of Fatima Bernardes from the programbut since his debut as headliner of the morning Globe, she has received a lot of criticism from the public. On social media, many viewers say that Patricia does not give space to Manuel Soares, co-host of attraction, speak. Last week, the artist broke the silence and decided to counter the nasty comments about her performance in “Encontro”. “I swallowed malicious attacks and unreasonable lies from irresponsible people. But now it comes!!!! Enough!!!! I am a human. I am a woman, a fighter and, quite frankly, I deserve every conquest so far. Everyone who knows me knows this. After all, it’s 25 years of hard work, committing myself and never hurting anyone.,” he wrote in an excerpt of the eruption.

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