Patricia Poeta embarrasses Rodrigo Mussi with a question and is criticized: ‘No idea at all’

Presenter of ‘Encontro’ ignored ex-BBB argument with his brother and made comments about Diogo Mussi

Play/GlobePatricia Poeta made comments about Rodrigo Mussi’s brother during an interview

the presenter Patricia Poet is criticized for the questions she asked at the “Encontro” this Monday, 23, when she received the ex-BBB as a guest Rodrigo Mussi. The public thought it was rude of the journalist to comment on the businessman’s brother, Diogo Mussi, as they have already publicly revealed that they fought and broke off relationships. Commenting on the serious car accident Rodrigo suffered shortly after leaving the Globo reality show, Patricia asked, “What kept you strong at that time? Your brother, when we spoke to him at the time, he seemed to give you a lot of strength. The family must have been very important, right? Apparently embarrassed, Rodrigo replied, “He gave a lot of power. It’s a bit hard for me to talk about family, but he was essential to me at the time.” During the period when the former BBB was in hospital, it was Diogo who accompanied him and kept the fans informed. After Rodrigo’s recovery, the brothers fell out. In July last year, Diogo said on social networks that he and his brother left not for any specific reason, but because they both struggle with relationships due to the difficult upbringing they had.

Patricia’s rules during the “Meetingreverberated on social networks and made the name of the presenter appear in the most commented topics on Twitter. “Guys, Patrícia Poeta is not studying the guest. Everyone knows that Rodrigo Mussi has a fight with his brother and she is talking about the man’s brother,” said one person. “This Patricia Poet again demonstrates her inability and asks Rodrigo Mussi about the importance of her brother and family in his recovery. Where is she going? On Mars! Every galaxy knows the big knot in its life is its family,” another posted. “Patricia Poeta always talks about Rodrigo Mussi’s brother, the clueless woman, doesn’t she know they don’t get along?” one follower wrote. “Patricia Poeta is a bit clumsy, right?! She asked Rodrigo Mussi three times about his brother and family, and the whole internet knows that he and his brother are estranged and that Rodrigo has problems with the family,” another scored.

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