Parents continue to name their babies after Yellowstone characters

Over the years, it has become quite common for people to name their children after popular characters from shows and movies. Last year, Marvel fans were surprised to learn that there had been a wave in the Thanos name, and now characters from Yellowstone seem to lead the list of pop culture baby names. Based on an image compiled by OrganicBabyFormula.comthe names Dutton, Rip and Kayce are up 3300%, 2367% and 1679%.

Other popular Yellowstone baby names are Laramie (431%), Walker (207%) and Tate (140%). However, Yellowstone isn’t the only show to cause a spike in baby names. Other TV show names that saw the biggest increase in popularity include Rue (Euphoria), Victor (The Umbrella Academy), Berlin (Money robbery), beck (YOU), Campion (Raised by wolves), Steve (Schitt’s Creek), Ramy (Ramy), Twyla (Schitt’s Creek), Keely (Ted Lasso), Archie (River valley), Gerald (The witcher), Denver (Money robbery), Maeve (The boys), eleven (Stranger things), demon (House of the Dragon), Ginny (Ginny and Georgia), Love (YOU), Elise (Bridgerton) and Daphne (Bridgerton).

The list above is based on data from the U.S. Social Security Administration. The folks at OrgaincBabyFormula used Rotten Tomatoes rankings to identify the top 100 shows of 2020, 2021 and 2022, then ran the names of characters from the show through the SSA’s baby name database to find out which names had increased in popularity since the show debuted. For instance, Yellowstone premiered in 2018 when about 3 out of a million babies were named Rip, but after the show took off, about 74 out of a million babies were named Rip in 2022.

What will happen next in Yellowstonethe fifth season?

During a recent interview with IndieWireKelly Reilly (Beth Dutton) was asked about the rest of Season 5.

“I haven’t read a word yet,” Reilly shared. “They keep it wrapped up so no one makes a mistake and talks to a nice journalist and spills the beans. I don’t know and I don’t want to know. When the scripts come in, work begins. I just filmed with Kenneth Branagh on a film in London and I’m about to work with Bob Zemeckis on his next film and I will until I start Yellowstone again. So I have a different role in mind, so Beth has to wait in the wings for a while.”

“His vision and his knowledge and understanding of these characters are his and they’re so full, and they’re so unforgiving, that’s what makes it exciting,” she said of Taylor Sheridan. “Because you have no idea where he’s taking you. I don’t know what he has in store for Beth. It’s not necessarily a collaboration like you might expect.” [of] you sit down and throw out ideas for what the story is. He’s our leader and we jump on it and we hold on.”

Do you know someone named after a character from a TV show? Tell us in the comments!

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