Paramount+ brings back iconic Key & Peele sketch for new ad

Paramount+ brought back one of Key & Peele’s most iconic skits for their latest ad. On the “Mountain of Content”, Key’s classic substitute teacher tries to attend, but those annoying names still cause him trouble. Extra hilarious is the fact that most of the attendees are animated. (Related, is a huge truck with eyes a person? Who’s to say!) But yes, the original Paramount mountain commercials were a hit when the service first premiered. Linking all that IP address in one place usually proves to be amusing for many audiences. So it makes a lot of sense to see them go back to that well. Get a quick laugh from the new post below!

The week actually sat down with the comedy duo to talk about one of their most popular creations. Surprisingly, the idea for the sketch definitely came from a small writer’s room, and Key immediately adopted the idea. While refining “Substitute Teacher,” the whole room knew they had a winner on their hands. Here’s what the comedians had to say.

Key began, “It was really just the idea of ​​a downtown guy sitting in an all-white classroom. That was literally the premise of the sketch.”

“One of our writers came up with the original idea and Keegan immediately started embodying Mr. Garvey, the substitute teacher character. It was one of those things where it was just a great nugget for a sketch,” Peele added. “Once that first draft was in place, a community atmosphere emerged; as a collective, we thought about what names would work, and decided how Keegan would enhance Mr. Garvey’s physicality.”

Here’s how Paramount+ describes the beloved comedy series: “Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele present ‘Key & Peele’, an original sketch comedy show on Comedy Central. In this series, these fresh, relevant comedic actor-writers, accustomed to looking out in, will examine life in a provocative and irreverent way, through a combination of filmed skits and live stage segments, whether satirizing the president, spoofing Nazis or ordering some soul food, “Key & Peele” will showcase their chemistry, camaraderie and unique point of view, born of their shared background and experiences growing up biracial in a not quite post-racial world.”

Did you enjoy seeing Paramount bring that moment back? Let us know in the comments!

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