Pabllo Vittar posts he’s dating and fans speculate: ‘It’s Pedro Sampaio’

Rumors that the singer is in a relationship with the artist started after they were seen on the beach

Followers of Pabllo Vittar believe that the artist is in a relationship with Pedro Sampaio

The singer Pablo Vittar posted a message on Monday the 21st, which caused a stir among fans. “Status: Dating,” the artist wrote on Twitter. However, she did not reveal the identity of her alleged boyfriend and Pabllo’s followers began to speculate. Many fans believe the owner of the hit love of what has a relationship with the singer Pedro Sampaio🇧🇷 Rumors that the artists could be having an affair started after they were photographed together on a beach in Rio de Janeiro. Speculation increased after the singers shared a kiss at a concert. They recently recorded the song together SALT and released a clip. Last Sunday, the 20th, Pedro posted a photo with the artist on Instagram and stated, “I showed up at Pabllo’s show in surprise!!! Watch the audience sing SALT🇧🇷 Thanks! You are unique, Pablo Vittar”. The singer commented: “Pedro, you deserve all the best in this world!!!!! You are fucking. I love you, beautiful baby. In the post where Pabllo says he’s dating, a follower asked, “Who is our father?”. Another replied: “It’s Pedro Sampaio”. It is worth noting that the singer’s fans often call her “mami”. THE Young pan contacted the singer’s press office, but has not yet received a response. See the reaction on social media:

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