Overwatch 2 Reveals New Season 3 Map

Blizzard Revealed Overwatch 2 new season 3 map this week by revealing Antarctic Peninsula, an icy battlefield that will be a control map filled with a number of different points of interest and also some penguins. Blizzard hasn’t revealed the map in full yet, and instead shared a short teaser trailer showing off different perspectives of the map with the promise of more to come later on February 6 when the full Season 3 trailer is released.

During a preview event for this new map, Blizzard shared more details about its configuration. The Antarctic Peninsula is winding down from the Overexpected lore and the Ecopoint: Antarctica map from the original game by giving players different points of interest to fight in that extrapolated part of the Overexpected and Overlook 2 stories and Mei’s background. There’s a large, underground exercise for players to fight around, a ship that’s meant to be a callback to the ship the original Overwatch team arrived in to rescue Mei and her associates, and the labs where Mei and her fellow researchers worked .

Some secrets are also hidden in these different parts of the map, which should excite lore aficionados when they’re not trying to capture the target or spot flanking Reapers. The Overlook 2 team did not say outright that this map and its story would appear in the game’s PvE content when that part of Overlook 2 is done, but given that map lore threads have been confirmed and that this is the first new control map the game has gotten since launch, it’s hard to imagine PvE not taking advantage of the Antarctic Peninsula.

For those who caught them, they appear briefly in the teaser trailer: penguins are indeed part of the map of the Antarctic Peninsula, and you can indeed shoot them. You can’t kill them though, so those happy to have the winged friends on the map can rest easy knowing they won’t see any penguin eliminations playing here.

Overlook 2 Season 3 is scheduled for February 7, so expect to see a lot more about this new season between now and then.

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