Original Joel actor Troy Baker suggested a Marvel star for TV role

The fourth episode of The last of us debuts tonight on HBO, so be sure to check out the latest episode of The last pods after the episode airs. See the new podcast ComicBook. com‘s Brandon Davis collaborates with ET‘s Ash Crossan as they talk about the new hit series. Tonight’s episode of the podcast features a very special guest, Troy Baker, who played the original Joel Miller. Baker first acted in the character The last of us video game in 2013, and now the role is played by Pedro Pascal in the live action series. During Baker’s conversation with The last podshe revealed that he originally suggested Marel star Josh Brolin for the role of Joel.

“Yes,” Baker replied when asked if he was ever in talks to play the part of Joel in live-action. “I mean the conversations always pop up, and the thing I really respect about Neil [Druckmann] is that he was always focused. Still, to this day, he’s always focused on the thing in front of him, and there’s the tertiary conversation of, “What’s this going to look like if we do this?” And maybe I could do this,” but even when we were shooting the first game, it was, “Well, we need to set this up for a franchise. Come on, let’s squeeze this into three games,” and he said, “I have to pretend this is the only game we’re going to make,” and I was like, “People are going to have this ending, dude. They’re going to revolt with this ending,” and he says, “Good.” I just don’t want them to be ambivalent. If they hate it, fine, if they love it, fine, but if they don’t care, that means we haven’t done our job.”

Baker continued: “So he’s always been focused on the story that he’s telling, the story that’s in front of him, but when it came down to it… I mean, Neil was really nice. He said, who would you like to play Joel? ” “And I mean, I bounced around. I remember we talked about airport lounges. I’ve met Josh Brolin a few times, and the last time I saw him was at LAX, and I was like, ‘Hey, man, I don’t know if you remember this or not; you and I met in New Mexico,” but he was like, “I do, I do,” and I said, “There may be a script on your desk, and before you turn it down anyway, just look at it because I really think you would benefit from playing this character, and the character would benefit from being played by you,” and he said: “I’ll see, what’s it called?” And I was like, ‘It’s hot The last of us, and it’s a feature film currently in development.” He was like, ‘Okay, I’ll have a look.’

He added: “And what’s funny is I think Josh Brolin would have been a good choice. I think you look at the character, especially in the game, and you think, ‘Yeah, that’s 100% Josh Brolin playing that, sure,” but what I love is when you get someone like Craig Mazin involved, and these conversations between him and Neil Druckmann go back and forth saying, “What happens if we shake it up a little bit ? do we understand that we can not only add something new and something new to it, but also change the character a little bit? We have an opportunity to do things differently here,” and the second thing Neil said, “I think that we have Pedro Pascal, “I went, ‘Oh. Oh, my God, that’s perfect. It’s perfect,’ because first of all, he’s an incredibly talented actor, and second, everyone loves him.”

What will happen in it The last of us Episode 4?

The last of usIn the fourth episode, Joel and Ellie end up in Kansas City, Missouri. The duo is expected to be in the crosshairs of Kathleen, who is played by Yellow jackets star Melanie Lynskey. HBO describes her character as “the ruthless leader of a revolutionary movement.” Kathleen is an original character created by showrunner and writer Craig Mazin, who expanded on the source material and deviated with an all-new story for Bill and Frank in Episode 3. Kathleen’s faction is inspired by the video game’s Territorial Hunters, named after hunting “tourists” invading the former Pittsburgh QZ.

Be sure to tune in The last pods tonight after the fourth episode of The last of us.

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