One Piece Theory may have exposed Big Mom’s biggest bombshell

One piece Final Arc has wasted little time throwing serious bombshells at both the Straw Hat Pirates and the world of the Grand Line as a whole. With the discovery of Dr. Vegapunked by Luffy and his crew, the mad scientist revealed many new secrets when it came to the Devil Fruits, the edibles responsible for Monkey’s powers, and many other heroes and villains. Now one theory is doing the rounds in the A piece community when it comes to a possible connection to two of the series’ “biggest eaters”.

Bonney has certainly been trying to get Dr. Vegapunk, where the swashbuckler has a power that allows her to manipulate the age of opponents and herself when necessary. Given her need to consume massive amounts of food to keep up the stamina she depletes in battle, she has a bit in common with one of the original Rock Pirates, Big Mom. After Mom’s defeat during the War For Wano Arc, and with her power that allows her to steal the life force from those around her, some fans rightly believe that Bonney may have exceptionally close ties to the Chief of Cake Island.

Big Bonney

In the wake of the cloning debate surrounding the return of Dr. Vegapunk guided on the pages of One piece manga, Twitter Outlet New World Artur took the opportunity to present the idea that maybe Bonney just shares genetic material with Big Mom, which certainly makes sense not only in her looks, but also in her strength:

After the defeat of Kaido and his Beast Pirates, it has yet to be confirmed if Big Mom will even appear in One piece Last bow. While this is the grand finale from creator Eiichiro Oda, we’d imagine the manga will take the opportunity to bring many old foes and friends back to the Straw Hat Pirates as Luffy’s crew continue their quest to make him the newest king of the world. the pirates.

Do you think Bonney is actually a clone of Big Mom? Do you foresee the two meeting face-to-face again in the series’ Final Arc? Feel free to let us know in the comments or call me directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk about all things comics, anime and the world of the Grand Line.

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