One Piece teases the truth behind Kuma’s death

A piece has begun a series of major reveals as part of the Egghead arc for the series’ final saga at large, and the series’ latest chapter has begun teasing a major mystery involving the real truth behind Bartholomew’s death Kuma. Ever since Luffy and the others encountered fellow Worst Generation member Jewelry Bonney and landed at Dr. Vegapunk on Egghead Island, it was revealed that Bonney has a big problem with the famous scientist because of the experiments he performed on her father. (who turned out to be Kuma) many years ago.

A piece has seen the robot Kuma activate on its own trying to make its way to his daughter on the other side of the world, and while all that is going on, Bonney gets closer to the truth of why Kuma was killed and turned into the Pacifistas in the first place. But like many of the revelations we’ve had about the series’ past so far, the truth about Kuma’s death may be far too complicated and full of pain for his daughter to handle.

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What really killed Bartholomew Kuma?

Chapter 1072 of A piece see Bonney dr. Attacking Vegapunk once again in an attempt to get answers from the scientist, she is very curious as to why the scientist claims it was a “good” reason her father was killed. Vegapunk then replies that telling her the truth will only hurt her, but Bonney toughens up. Vegapunk explains that he promised Kuma he wouldn’t tell Bonney the truth, revealing that it was Kuma’s choice to take away his own free will to do it.

Vegapunk then refuses to tell the truth because Kuma was a good man, and loves him so much that he cannot hurt Kuma or his daughter by reliving the past. It is then revealed that Kuma actually used his abilities to hide his pain and memories in a segregated piece of Vegapunk’s lab. As she approaches the remaining pain and memories, Vegapunk insists it could be a lethal dose for Bonney, but she knows his powers.

The last thing we see is Bonney accessing Kuma’s memories, so it looks like soon enough we’ll see why Kuma not only agreed to experiment, but lost his free will and subsequently died as a result of the Pacifista experiments. What do you think this truth will turn out to be? Let us know all your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even contact me directly about all things animation and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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