One Piece finally introduces the real Dr. vegan punk

One Piece has proven time and again that it can keep a secret. Over the decades, creator Eiichiro Oda has had fans dangling over certain truths and answers they so desperately wanted. As the manga goes through its final act, Oda has finally started filling in those gaps, and now One Piece has everyone surprised by Dr. Introducing Vegapunk in person.

The update comes courtesy of the most recent chapter of One Piece, so readers know more about Dr. Vegan punk than ever. This whole act gave a glimpse into the genius when Dr. Vegapunk had his assistants greet the fans one by one. However, the man himself was last waved off, so we know what the marine scientist looks like in the end.

dr. Vegan punk, welcome

As you can see above, the man himself is definitely older and appears to have been designed after Albert Einstein. The two men have the same facial hair to begin with and Dr. Vegapunk dresses just like the heralded scientist. So to our delight, it seems that Dr. Vegapunk is the Einstein of the One Piece Universe.

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Of course, the character has some defining traits, and the biggest one is his head. In a flashback of the character, fans can see that the Doctor has a huge skull. In fact, his forehead is probably as tall as Luffy, but that height is missing these days. Instead, the top of Dr. Vegapunk cut open and covered with half an apple.

Obviously the character design is interesting, and Dr. Vegapunk has left fans guessing about it for decades. Now we are going to learn more about the scientist and how his past has ties to the Marines and the revolutionary army. But first the doctor has to talk himself out of the murder, since Jewelry Bonney is after his blood…

What do you think of Vegapunk’s big debut? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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