No Way Home Unmasked Exclusive Funko Pop is on sale now

Spider-Man: No Way Home Funko Pop characters based on some of the spoiler elements of the movie launched in November, but the Tom Holland Funko Shop exclusive unmasked was a no-show until today. You can grab one here at the Funko Shop for $15 while the last. Details on the entire Spider-Man: No Way Home Funko Pop collection can be found below.

Previous releases in the No Way Home lineup include several Tom Holland Spider-Man suits, Doctor Strange, Doctor Strange, MJ and Ned, along with an exclusive Unmasked Black Suit Spider-Man from AAA Anime. Now we come to Green Goblin, Electro, Doc Ock and Spider-Man Pop figures from the versions played by Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire. There’s even one 8 pack Walmart exclusive that includes LIzard and Sandman.

The new Spider-Man: No Way Home Funko Pop collection makes up for lost time in terms of sheer size, but we’ve organized everything so you don’t have to. Below is a breakdown of the wave, complete with pre-order links. Please note that US shipping is free from Entertainment Earth on orders $39+ with the code FREESHIP39 during the month of January 2023.


Spider-Man: No Way Home Funko Pop Exclusive

Spider-Man: No Way Home Funko Pop Community Figures


We won’t see Daredevil: Born Again until 2024, but a Funko Pop based on Matt Murdock’s cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home recently dropped alongside a Loungefly Daredevil cosplay backpack. Both are exclusive and can be pre-ordered from the links below. The Matt Murdock Funko Pop features Daredevil in lawyer mode, but it would just be a guy in a suit and cool glasses without the addition of the “We Believe Mysterio” stone he miraculously snatched from the sky in his cameo -scene. The backpack features a classic Marvel Comics Daredevil mask and logo.

Garfield recently spoke to GQ UK about fitting in as Spider-Man again No way home. The actor clearly had a lot of fun reprising the role, largely because of the bond he built with Holland and Maguire.

“I have to treat it like a short movie about Spider-Man with friends,” Garfield said GK. “The pressure was off me. It was all on Tom’s shoulders. Like it’s his trilogy. And me and Tobey were there to support and actually have the best time possible, and be so inventive, imaginative and kind of too are.” as stupid as possible.”

“You know, between the three of us I was like, oh s—, this is going to be interesting,” he continued. “You have three people who really take ownership of this character. But it was really brotherhood first, I think. And I think that comes through in what we’ve shot.”

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