No one knows how this Pokemon evolves into Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Despite a week of early play, Pokemon fans still don’t know how a Pokemon species evolves Pokemon Scarlet and purple…and maybe that’s the point. Thanks to copies of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leaked more than a week ago, most of the mysteries in it Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have already been resolved. A weird mystery remains, however, and it surrounds the evolution requirements for the strange stuffed animal-like Pokemon Tandemaus. First revealed (unofficially) in a trailer a few months ago, Tandemaus is a pair of yarn knit like Normal-type Pokemon. The Pokemon aren’t particularly impressive at first glance, but many players (including both writers who have review copies of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet) were struck by how the Pokemon spontaneously evolves into Maushold without any kind of warning.

Maushold is literally just Tandemaus with one or two extra mice depending on the shape. Players know that Tandemaus evolves into Maushold once it reaches level 25, but the Pokemon doesn’t trigger an evolution movie like other Pokemon. Based on the Pokedex entry for Maushold, this may be an intentional feature. The Pokedex entry for Maushold’s Family of Four form reads: “The two little ones just showed up one day. The group may be a family of related Pokemon, but no one knows for sure.”

While Maushold isn’t a particularly strong Pokemon, it has a moveset and choice of Ability that can be very useful in competitive play. Maushold has the Friend Guard ability (which reduces damage to allies) and the Technician hidden ability, which increases the power of low power moves by 50%. A Technician Maushold using his signature Population Bomb move, which attacks an enemy 1-10 times with 20 base strength, suddenly makes this group of little Pokemon look a whole lot tougher.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are now available on Nintendo Switch.

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