Nintendo Switch Online surprises users with Pokemon freebies

Nintendo Switch Online subscribers recently got some free Pokemon accessories for their accounts, and just a few days later, Nintendo is offering even more, but only for a limited time. These free Pokemon goodies consist of several Nintendo Switch Online icons meant to commemorate various characters and Pokemon from the new Pokemon Scarlet and purple games, but like the first wave, they will only be around for a short while before another wave takes their place.

If you have already started playing Pokemon Scarlet and purple, the Pokemon icons being given away to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers this time around should look pretty familiar. This wave includes characters Arven, Nemona, Penny, and Jacq, as well as the Pokemon Armarogue, Ceruledge, Lechonk, Smoliv, Fidough, and Pawmi.

Each of these icons costs 10 Platinum Points, which technically means there is a cost involved, but these are the points that are much more common compared to their Gold Point counterparts. These are the ones you earn for doing things you would already be doing anyway, like playing games and completing special offers from Nintendo, so if you’ve been a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber for a while, you’ve probably saved up quite a few of these.

The catch with this is that, like the previous wave, they will only be around for a while. They rotate weekly on Thursdays, so you now only have a few days to get as many as you want. Then we see a new wave take their place. However, the Nintendo Switch Online icons for the new starter Pokemon will remain until the entire event ends on December 25, so you’ll have time until then to get icons for Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly.

Even if you think you might not need them right away, it’s best to claim them now before they disappear. For more Pokemon Scarlet and purple news, you can check out our full review here, as well as some of our additional coverage below:

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