Next V8-Powered Chevrolet Corvette Supercar Expected 2028 – Report

Next V8-Powered Chevrolet Corvette Supercar Expected 2028 - Report

Reports from overseas claim that the next Chevrolet Corvette sports car will retain V8 power – and will be sold alongside an electric sedan and SUV with the iconic badge.

the Next generation Chevrolet Corvette supercar is due in 2028, according to a new overseas report – and is set to retain V8 power as one of the last brand new petrol-powered models from the US auto giant.

Sources quoted from reputable US specialist website GM authority claim the next-generation two-door Corvette — dubbed the “C9” — is due to be unveiled in 2028 and arrive in US showrooms for the 2029 model year, barring delays.

GM authority claims the next Corvette will be an evolution of the mid-engine ‘C8’ Corvette in Chevrolet’s showrooms today – rather than a completely new model – and will retain petrol power, likely including the legendary V8.

The publication reports that the next-generation Corvette C9 supercar with a V8 engine will be unrelated to two new Corvette-branded electric cars — a sedan and an SUV — that are slated to hit showrooms starting in 2025.

If the start date 2028 is reported by GM authority If not delayed, the two-door Corvette C9 could be one of the last all-new petrol models to be launched by GM before going all-electric across its passenger car lineup in 2035.

It was previously expected that the current C8 Corvette – launched in the US in 2019 – would be the last to be powered by a V8 petrol engine, with the next model moving to pure battery power.

However, it now shows – if the GM authority The report is correct – the C9 Corvette would retain V8 power through the 2035 deadline – which applies to all cars, SUVs and paraphernalia except heavy pickup trucks (class 2500 and up).

It’s worth noting that GM executives have left the door open to reverting to the all-electric 2035 date if customer demand for gasoline and diesel vehicles isn’t strong enough, according to the industry publication Automotive News.

the GM authority does not rule out or indicate the possibility of incorporating hybrid powertrain into the next-generation Corvette – in the style of the recently unveiled C8 Corvette E-Ray Hybrid.

The next-generation Chevrolet Corvette would likely benefit overnight from an announcement to invest in a new generation of GM’s small-block V8 engine family.

The engines in today’s C8 Chevrolet Corvette are considered the fifth generation of the V8 lineup – which debuted in 1963 in an earlier form – although they are more closely related to the third generation, which debuted in 1997.

In addition to all eight past generations of Corvettes — and six generations of Camaro muscle cars — Chevrolet’s small-block engines have been used in several generations of Holdens.

Interestingly, the media release announcing the sixth-generation V8 engine family references the “industry-leading full-size truck and SUV business” — and makes no mention of sports cars, including the Corvette.

The reported move to base the next-gen Chevrolet Corvette on the current model has precedent, as the 2005-2013 C6 was derived from the earlier 1997-2004 C5 under the skin.

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