Next season of Apex Legends will add class system instead of new character

For the first time since launch Apex Legends will not add a new character next season. Instead, Respawn Entertainment will focus on the existing Legends roster by adding a new class system similar to the ones we’ve seen in other games, such as Overlook 2. These classes will better categorize the Legends in the game and will now grant them unique benefits based on the class they belong to. In addition to this major class rework, several individual Legends will also be updated.

Apex Legends technically had a class system before, but that only went so far as to put Legends into four different categories to roughly define their playstyles. This new class system consists of five different options: Assault, Skirmisher, Recon, Controller, and Support. Each Legend fits into one of those categories and benefits from the perks bestowed by the classes, though Respawn Entertainment hasn’t yet announced what those perks will look like.

The current class system Top divides characters into Offensive, Defensive, Recon, and Support categories. The current roster tends more towards the offensive with those with the highest number of legends, but Mad Maggie plays much differently than Wraith and so on, so the extra category in this new system should give better ideas of what each legend is best at.

As for individual updates to the Legends, six characters will be affected by those plans. Wraith, Lifeline, and Seer are three of the six to be updated next season, and Respawn is expected to reveal full details closer to the start of the season.

Apart from this unprecedented class-based system planned for the next one Top season, the fact that the developers are not adding a new legend this time around is remarkable in itself. The game launched with eight characters (two of them, Caustic and Mirage, were locked at the time and had to be bought) and has since expanded to include 23 different characters. Leaks for a new legend known as Ballistic have been floating around for a while now, as is the case with any future legend, but if that character is actually in the works, they won’t be coming this next season.

Top players can expect a more detailed breakdown of next season to be shared closer to the start.

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