New Steam update released by Valve with patch notes

A new update for Valve’s Steam platform on PC was released today. While Steam is widely known as a way for PC users to purchase and access games, it’s also an existing client that Valve routinely modifies and makes changes to. Now a new update for Steam has rolled out that adds a handful of new features to the software.

This new patch for Steam is now available to download and brings a handful of notable changes. In addition to fixing a number of different bugs, Valve has also revised the way Big Picture Mode works. A number of added features associated with various inputs that Steam includes have also been implemented with this update. All in all, this patch isn’t one that will drastically change the way Steam works, but there are some significant improvements that have definitely been made.

If you want to see everything that’s changed in this new Steam update today, you can check out the full patch notes below.


  • The launch option dialog has been replaced with a new UI with a checkbox to remember the user’s selection – this selection can be changed in the game’s properties
  • Changing download regions no longer requires restarting the Steam client
  • Further load time optimizations for users with large game libraries
  • Fixed intermittent browser crash when closing Update News dialog
  • Fixed an issue where the controller settings tab was not displayed in the game properties menu
  • Fixed DLC floating on game details page being cropped
  • Fixed several issues related to pop-up dialogs not being the correct size
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate streaming dialogs appeared on Mac and Linux
  • Fixed background images on a collection in the app details page not clipping correctly

Big Picture mode

  • The new Big Picture mode has become the standard experience. For compatibility purposes, the old Big Picture can be accessed via the “-oldbigpicture” command line option. Please note that this functionality will be removed in a future update.
  • Added support for switching the primary monitor on Windows in Settings -> Display -> Preferred display
  • Added an option to start in windowed mode under Settings => Display => Large Image Mode => Window
  • Added pinned notifications for new inventory items, trade offers, asynchronous game turns, moderator messages, offline chat messages, and responses to help requests in Quick Access > Notifications
  • Added up/down cursor keys to on-screen keyboard, press shift then cursor left/right to use
  • Added ability to move standalone & overlay keyboard
  • Added option to disable controllers when exiting BPM
  • Added setting for controller idle > disable timeout
  • Added a short tour for the new Big Picture
  • Added notification when an Xbox controller is plugged in but the Guide button is disabled (which prevents the main Steam menu and other features like chords from showing)
  • Allow the on-screen keyboard to activate in the new large image mode and the Steam window is unfocused
  • Implemented Steam Controller dongle link
  • UI Digital Navigation Key Repeats are faster
  • Show icons for partial/full controller support, VR support, or mouse and KB support in library only when a game portrait is focused or hovering
  • Center the sidebar in the overlay vertically to match the rest of the main menu
  • Detect focus moving away from the BPM window faster and reduce instances of navigation going to BPM after launching a game
  • Cursor is now hidden in gamepad navigation mode in Big Picture
  • Various fixes to make the UI scale better in higher resolutions
  • Fixed some issues when completing purchases through some payment providers
  • Fixed a rare crash when exiting BPM
  • Fixed an issue where disconnecting a controller while navigating did not cancel repeated moves
  • Fixed the new Big Picture mode overlay where the size was not correct when the monitor is set to display a scale other than 100%
  • Fixed overlay scaling when resizing the game window
  • Fixed an issue where a browser opened by a game would hang after closing the overlay
  • Fixed launch options dialog not closing when canceling game launch
  • Fixed issues where digital navigation would get stuck in text boxes when using a physical keyboard
  • Fixed some issues with the Paste button on the virtual keyboard outside of a web context
  • Fixed an issue where the virtual keyboard became continuously visible after exiting a game
  • Fixed an issue when viewing the hardware survey web page after submitting the results
  • The “Start in Big Picture Mode” setting has been fixed and not updated
  • Fixed an issue when signing up for some game beta branches
  • Fixed an issue where the Big Picture window was incorrectly sized when moving to another screen with win+shift+arrow key
  • Fixed an issue where setting certain library filters in Big Picture mode could cause those games to become hidden when switching back to desktop
  • Fixed an issue detecting game windows on Linux
  • Fixed “a” and “c” keystrokes on app details page triggering an animation

Steam input

  • The controller’s configuration screen can now preview configurations and the selection processes now show examples and apply instead of directly selecting the configuration
  • Added a search tab to the controller layout browser screen
  • Added direct navigation to controller inputs and modes from the preview screen
  • Added top handles as an option for mode shifts
  • Added support for the Armor-X Pro gamepad in PS4 mode
  • Added a specific sample page for the XBox Elite layout
  • Added a specific sample page for the Switch Pro layout
  • Added support for the ThrustMaster eSwap PRO Controller Xbox
  • Show controller settings in game app properties for non-Steam games
  • Gyro Calibration Rework: Calibration Calculates an anti-drift value as normal, but also records gyro and accelerometer noise while stationary, so that Always-On Auto Calibration (toggle to turn on) is more accurate and should only recalculate anti-drift when on a stable surface
  • Controller configurator now groups commands if they are associated with the same input
  • Changed controller mode sliders to default larger step sizes to match old BPM interface and added footer button to switch to “fine tune” mode with smaller step sizes
  • The layout of the mode settings page has been reworked to display more content
  • Generate Steam Input API origin for some virtual menu modes they were missing
  • Handle bugs better and fix some cases where configurations could no longer be loaded
  • On larger screens, combine the keyboard and numpad tabs of the dial binding screen
  • Remember the last active tab in the binding selection screen and always open it using the tab with the current binding value instead
  • Improved Layout Preview for Nintendo Switch Left/Right/Pair Joycon
  • Filtered Mode Shift button options to show only available buttons based on controller type
  • Nintendo Switch SL/SR buttons now show as bumpers for single Joycons or Grip buttons for a JoyCon pair
  • Individual/Pair Joycon Gyro is now displayed and functioning properly
  • Fixed an issue where the Joystick Deadzone sliders had delayed input
  • Fixed issue with enabling Gyro for Switch controllers
  • Fixed long delay on startup when Razer Huntsman Elite Keyboard is plugged in
  • Fixed issue where the Logitech G29 controller was showing as a gamepad instead of a wheel
  • The layout of the XBox layout preview page has been fixed with some incorrect items and missing others
  • Fixed an issue where Steam Controller joysticks had unintended input during Steam Button chords
  • Fixed long delay on startup when Razer keyboards are plugged in
  • Fixed crash with games using “Windows Gaming Input”.
  • Fixed issue with Joystick Deadzone visualization not updating
  • Fixed some cases where some languages ​​could have text overflow in dial binding screen
  • Fixed chord activator options for XBox and XBox Elite controller types
  • Fixed problem Capture button icon not showing for Joycon Pair
  • Fixed an issue where the Switch Pro Layout Preview was not showing the gyro

Play remotely

  • Fixed audio crackling and loss issue when streaming from Linux


  • Fixed a crash on Linux in libaudio
  • Fixed crash when taking screenshots through the overlay
  • Fixed closing of non-Steam shortcuts through the overlay when two or more are active
  • Fixed some bugs that prevented the library from displaying correctly


  • Fixed close button on macOS Steam login window

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