New Skull and Bones release date coming “very soon”

from Ubisoft Skull and bones suffered another delay this week, a delay that brings the game’s total number of pushbacks to seven, it seems. That delay was both surprising and expected given how many times it’s been postponed, but there’s still hope for the game’s release date. In a public statement shared Thursday after news of the delay emerged from Ubisoft’s latest financial report, Ubisoft said the community can expect information about a new release date and more hands-on testing “very soon.”

The statement shared on social media is one that those who have been looking forward to Skull and bones should be used to seeing by now. It started by confirming the delay and reiterating the team’s focus on the game and desire to deliver a polished product.

“Our determination and focus remain the same: to provide the best possible in-game experience to our players from day 1,” the statement said. “This extra time will help us further polish and balance our gaming experience, following your feedback from previous tests.”

That’s the standard part of the delay announcement, and from there the Ubisoft team gave fans hope that something more was coming as early as this week. There’s a new episode of “The Deck” coming this Friday that will show more of the game, and for the info people are really looking for – the details on the game’s latest release date and when people can get hands-on with it again – apparently you don’t have to wait long to receive that.

“Additional information about our new release date and upcoming testing phases will be shared with you very soon, so stay tuned and follow the conversation,” the post said towards the end.

This delay and the promise of more to come is just the latest chapter of the long-developed Skull and bones. According to the recent financial briefing, the game is now targeting an “early 2023-24” release window. Technically, we’re in that window right now, but if nothing else, that means the game won’t make it to its originally scheduled March release date.

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