New PS5 system update released, brings additional controller support

Today there has been a new update for the PlayStation 5 console released by Sony, and this time the patch does something truly remarkable. While Sony releases new PS5 updates quite routinely, more often than not said updates tend to just “improve system performance” and not much else. And while today’s new patch for the PS5 still does the same thing, Sony has also laid the groundwork for a new controller that will be rolling out in a few weeks.

Currently available for download, PS5 system update version 22.02-06.50.00 establishes DualSense Edge support for the console. In case you don’t know what this is, the DualSense Edge is a “pro” model of the PS5’s primary controller. The DualSense Edge, which will be released on January 26 for $199.99, is a premium controller that allows for quite a bit of customization. And while the PS5 itself wasn’t previously compatible with what this controller has to offer, that’s now changed following today’s update.

“Get a gameplay edge by creating your own custom controls to suit your play style,” says Sony’s own description of the DualSense Edge controller. “Built with high performance and personalization in mind, the DualSense Edge wireless controller invites you to create your own unique gaming experience, so you can play your way.”

As mentioned earlier, new controller support isn’t the only thing included in today’s new PS5 console update. Unfortunately, we don’t know much else about what this patch does, as Sony has again only said that it only “improves system performance”. However, if there are any additional improvements with this PS5 update, chances are those in the PlayStation community will discover them in the coming days.

Are you going to buy yourself a DualSense Edge controller later this month? And have you noticed any other changes on PS5 after the release of this update? Let me know in the comments or give me a call on Twitter @MooreMan12.

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