New Power-Up Band Amiibo Details

Super Nintendo World’s Power-Up Bands have been a source of conversation ever since the concept was introduced to the public. got a chance to ask Universal Creative Vice President Jon Corfino about it at a press event. In a Q+A session with him, we confirmed that some details will be carried over from the Japanese location in Osaka. The director explained that the optional wristbands deepen the experience for visitors to the park. They are also functional amigos and will sort of interact with your Nintendo Switch when you get home. However, Universal said they would provide more details on exactly what each Power-Up Band does when you scan it later at home.

“That’s a really good question. I’m going to postpone that question because it’s an Amiibo and that was the original intention. This is an Ambiibo,” Corfino clarified. “So I want to be very precise, because I asked some of those same questions. There’s a lot of stuff in that first run. So I’m going to ask us to get back to you on that.”

(Photo: Hamilton Pytluk/Universal Studios Hollywood)

Earlier in the day, the Vice President explained how the Power-Up Bands tap into the larger secret story that lies beneath the surface of the Super Nintendo World. You don’t have to get the band to enjoy everything. But it will make the experience richer for those people who want to go a little further by completing the challenges.

“As we all know, one of the cool accessories you can get is your Power-Up Band,” Corfino explained, holding up the device. “Now there are three kinds of people on the planet: gamers who know everything, more than I do about everything we’re about to see. There are people who are interested in gaming and who will be inclined to explore it. And, there are people who , like my wife, don’t care, don’t want to know anything about gaming. But the idea here was that whatever your experience level or desire, there’s something here for you.”

“So, I’ll show you some of the interactive as we walk through it. Whether you have it or not [The Power-Up Band], you still get the full experience. Having this puts you in the game a little bit more. You keep track of your score. This is an Amiibo. It also ties in with the ride. Once you have this you are bound to your app, your experience may also improve a bit over time. So obviously this is a good thing to have.”

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