New Pokemon preview brings Misty and Brock back

pokemon travel dropped a bombshell late last year, making the big announcement that after more than twenty years as the anime adaptation’s two protagonists, Ash and Pikachu would finally be leaving as the protagonists. With two new trainers set to take the reins, fans will have the chance to say goodbye to Ash and his trusty pocket monster in a few days, starting with a handful of episodes that bring back some old favorites. Now, in a new preview video, two old friends appear to be returning to the forefront.

The previous season of pokemon celebrated in a good way the career of Ash Ketchum, the eternally young trainer who finally fulfilled his dream of becoming world champion after his victory over Leon in the Masters 8 Tournament. Throughout the 100+ episodes, we not only witnessed Ash collecting new powerful Pokemon to ensure his ultimate victory, but we also had the chance to see characters from Ash’s past return, along with him leading the many pocket monsters he has caught over the years. While Ash may be a world champion, his rival Gary Oak suggested to him that he shouldn’t be a “Pokemon Master” just yet.

Brock & Misty returns

The final episodes of Ash and Pikachu’s Pure as the Stars of the Anime will be titled Pokemon: try to become a pokemon masterwith the latest trailer showing Brock and Misty returning to Ketchum’s life, while also suggesting that Jesse, James, and Meowth of Team Rocket fame may play a part in the trainer’s swan song:

The two new trainers who will take Ash’s place in the future of the series have been revealed as Liko and Roy, and there are still plenty of mysteries surrounding the upcoming protagonists. A major theory floating around the internet since the announcement was made is that Liko, the female trainer, could in fact be Ash’s daughter, as she wears a familiar hair clip that references the symbol on Ash’s original cap . Obviously, if this were the case, the future series would begin with a major time jump, with old favorites still able to return as much older characters.

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