New Junji Ito on its way to North America

Junji Ito is a busy man when it comes to anime adaptations that have recently arrived and will arrive. With the release of Netflix Junji Ito’s Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre Earlier this year, Adult Swim continued production of the highly anticipated Uzumaki, whose release date has yet to be revealed. In addition to the animations, Ito continues to work on creepy manga stories following his decades-long career with a new anthology set to be released this year just in time for the spooky season.

Junji Ito has spent decades creating some of the scariest stories ever told, manga or otherwise, and while numerous adaptations have been released over the years, there are still countless stories yet to hit the screen. to appear. Ironically, Tomie, a major character from Ito’s past, was originally supposed to receive a televised live-action series here in North America on the now-defunct streaming service known as Quibi. When the platform closed, so did the project that already involved multiple stars and creators to bring the succubus to life. However, if you want to see Tomie in live action, Japan has you covered, as there are a handful of movies starring the creepy character spawned from the mind of Junji Ito.

Mimi’s stories of terror

Viz Media announced that the new compilation would be out this fall, featuring the book of nine scary stories from the master of horror himself, though Viz didn’t specify which of Ito’s stories outside of Mimi’s terror of the story:

Uzumaki is highly anticipated as it remains one of Ito’s most memorable stories to date, focusing on a town cursed by a spiraling obsession that manifests itself in some truly terrifying ways. With the series featuring snail people, corpses resembling Jack in the Boxes and many other creepy creatures, it’s Junji Ito at his best. Following the release of footage for the upcoming series that seems most faithful to Ito’s original art style, horror fans are crossing their fingers that this year could see the adaptation’s release.

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