New Dungeons & Dragons game announced

WizKids will release its second Dungeons & Dragonsthemed line drawing game later this year. Dungeon Scrawlers: Heroes of Waterdeep is WizKids’ second installment of his Dungeon Scrawler series, a game in which players race to clear a dungeon maze by slaying monsters and collecting treasure. While the first game in the series involved a journey through Undermountain (a mega-dungeon conveniently located beneath Waterdeep), this new game will see players racing through the streets of the so-called City of Splendors along with mini-mazes that represent the ” lower levels” (presumably sewers) of the city. Also included is an oversized boss dungeon that can be filled with one of four bosses, including a spectator.

As with the previous game, each player chooses one of five types of classes, each of which offers the ability to clear a different type of obstacle in the maze. For example, a wizard can cast a spell by simply drawing a small circle inside the spell’s symbol, while other players must follow the symbol completely. While each of the “characters” is different in Heroes of Waterdeep, their core skills remain unchanged from the last game.

WizKids has several more Dungeons and Dragons-themed games available now or expected later this year. The most notable of these is dungeons & dragons: attack, a competitive skirmish game in which players create teams of characters from different factions and then pit them against other factions in a dungeon populated by monsters. That game was just released last month with a Core Game and several planned expansions.

Dungeon Scrawlers: Heroes of Waterdeep will be released in April and has a retail price of $29.99.

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