New Black Hammer story will hit stores next weeks

After a months-long break, the world is up Black hammer will return soon. Dark Horse confirmed this on Tuesday The Last Days of Black Hammer hits comic stores later this month. The story first debuted last year in Jeff Lemire’s Substack newsletter as a serialized comic and is now being collected in print for the first time. Instead of receiving a traditional monthly release, Dark Horse has opted to release the story from a 140-page OGN.

says the publisher The Last Days of Black Hammer will be available through comic shops starting February 22, while bookstores and online retailers will start selling it a month later on March 28.

The last days of black Hammer details the exploits of Joe Weber – the original hero known as Black Hammer – at the height of his power along with the rest of the main Black Hammer heroes such as Golden Gail, Abraham Slam and Barbalien in the final days leading up to their disastrous battle with the cosmic villain Anti-God and their imprisonment on the limbo farm,” reads the comic’s official synopsis.

The state of the Black Hammer world is in a bit of a state of flux, especially after Lemire signed an exclusive indie contract with Image. However, that deal did not affect the publication of future Black hammer stories and the main storyline continues in Black hammer: the end later this year.

On a certain moment The end would end the series, though Lemire has since changed course and confirmed Black hammer stories will continue after the upcoming part. “I can’t leave these characters and this world behind. Not quite,” Lemire wrote in his newsletter last November.

Lemire also teased “major” film and television news about the series, though he declined to elaborate. The property had previously been chosen by Legendary, which hoped to build its own live-action movie universe. At the time, Lemire confirmed that the intention was to tell a single story across film and television, similar to how the Marvel Cinematic Universe works. Lemire was hired to write the script for a potential television pilot.

“Legendary has chosen the entire universe, not just that one story,” Lemire told could be a shared universe for film and television.”

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