Neusa Borges is annoyed by speculation that she is ‘in misery’: ‘I can’t take it anymore’

The actress also clarified her relationship with author Gloria Perez, stressing that she was not cast for ‘Travessia’ or for ‘A Força do Querer’

Play/Instagram/neusaborgesoficialNeusa Borges is in the cast of the series ‘Encantado’s’, from Globoplay

The actress Neusa Borgeswho is in the cast of the series “Encantados”, a production that recently premiered on Globo play, refuted the fame that he is always in financial difficulties. In 2014, the artist gave interviews saying she had to open a thrift store because she was unemployed and supported herself on the clothes she received from donations from actresses like Bruna Marquises🇧🇷 “I suffered two strokes and spent about five years without working properly. Of course there was no money to buy medicines, because medicines are expensive in this country. However, I have never had any misery,” said the actress. The statement was given to Folha de S. Paulo and shared by Neusa on social media. “I can’t take it anymore. I hate that thing about ‘Neusa is starving’, ‘Neusa is in poverty’, because it’s not true. I’m retired, I have a pension, I live in a beautiful apartment in Salvador and I spend months in Rio every year.” The 81-year-old veteran artist defined speculation about her financial life as “terrible rumors”. Neusa said she has shot three series and six films in recent years and is currently analyzing new proposals. She also clarified her relationship with the actress . Gloria Perez, who has cast her in several soap operas: “Brazil thinks I’m Gloria’s best friend and vice versa. I don’t know and never have known where she lives. She used to invite me to work, but not anymore lately. I was not called to’Intersection🇧🇷 [atual novela das 21h da Globo] not even forThe power of will🇧🇷 [2017]🇧🇷 Maybe I got tired of my interpretation, and that’s okay. Gloria is and always will be my glory.”

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