Netflix’s You Season 4 Trailer Reveals Joe’s Got A Stalker

The YOU The season 4 trailer has been released by Netflix and you can watch it below!

New year, new country, new personality – and yet Joe can’t seem to shake his past. YOU S4 part 1 coming to Netflix on February 9th.”

As you can see in the logline above, Season 4 of Netflix YOU will bring serial killer/stalker Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) to Europe, where he tries to start over after killing his serial killer wife Love (Victoria Pedretti) and faking his own death. Unfortunately, Joe still has unfinished business from his old life, in the form of Marienne (Tati Gabrielle), the librarian Joe is looking for in his posh suburb, sparking a jealousy from his psychotic wife that eventually turned to bloodshed. As one of the few people to know Joe’s secret, Marienne isn’t just a lost prize Joe must reclaim: she’s a loose end he may have to cut.

In terms of new storyline: YOU clearly turns the tables on the show’s usual premise in season 4. It’s not just the move to a European setting: Joe seems to have finally found his “tribe” in a group of unhinged wealthy elite socialites associated with the university where he now is teaching – not surprisingly, people in the group start turning up dead when Joe comes over. This time, however, it seems that Joe isn’t the only wolf hiding in the sheepfold: this time, the stalker has a stalker.

(Photo: Netflix)

That’s a nice little twist YOU Season 4’s story, as the “you” Joe he talks to in his eerie voice-over narration is now a predator rather than his intended prey, changes the nature of Joe’s analytical view of things. It’s nice dramatic irony, too, as audiences will see how Joe must go through the karmic shift to feel all the fear and uneasiness he made his victims feel when they sensed an unwanted presence that brought dark tidings into their respective lives.

Finally, YOU Season 4 clearly leaves room for one of two big possible twists:

  1. The person who stalks Joe turns out to be an “in plain sight” reveal – either a character we never expected to be crazy, or something Joe finds out develops a split personality (a la Fight Club) .
  2. A character from previous seasons who was thought to be dead and/or gone makes a surprising return (after all, this show is very soap opera-ish…)

You can probably guess where the stalker twist reveal will come from, like YOU Season 4 will release Part 1 on February 9 and Part 2 on March 9.

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